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A Trumbull resident for nearly thirty years, Vicki’s commitment and service to Trumbull is long-standing. Prior to her election as First Selectman in 2017, Vicki served as an elected official on Trumbull’s Board of Finance from 2016-2017 and Town Council from 2011-2015.

Under Vicki’s leadership, Trumbull is thriving and remains a sought-after town for families and seniors alike to live, work, and play.

Vicki’s vision for Trumbull is simple: A safe community, with excellent schools, a diverse housing stock to meet every need, ample recreation opportunities, efficient services, and a sound financial profile.  

In her campaign for re-election, Vicki’s commitment to Trumbull residents remains steadfast in her belief that by working together in a civil, sensible way, we can achieve great things. Vicki is committed to all Trumbull residents and will continue to deliver results in a way that reflects the best of our Community.


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