For Immediate Release: Tesoro a Relentless Advocate for Strategic and Responsible Development

Tesoro a Relentless Advocate for Strategic and Responsible Development

Sets record straight on history of Planning & Zoning approval of market rate multi-family developments

Trumbull, CT– A relentless advocate for strategic and focused development, First Selectman Tesoro values Trumbull’s unique character and open spaces. Through Tesoro’s first term in office, she emphasized development of underutilized commercial and industrial zones, and maintained a commitment to preserve open space and have varied housing choices that meet the needs of all of our residents.

“I will continue to balance Trumbull’s quality of life with strategic and responsible development that is consistent with the Plan of Conservation and Development,” said Tesoro.  “I reinstituted the Trumbull Land Acquisition Committee for the first time since 2009 and appointed individuals with knowledge and skill to the Inlands/Wetlands Commission–all to ensure that development is safe and responsible.”

“Let me make my position perfectly clear. Like other surrounding communities with vision such as Westport and Fairfield, Trumbull recognizes the need for varied housing choices. Apartments are a part of that vision provided they are restricted in number, aesthetically pleasing, and constructed on a timeline that allows the community to absorb them.” said Tesoro.

“There is a great deal of misinformation surrounding the approval of market rate apartments. The record must be set straight so that we can have an honest and transparent conversation around the impact–both the benefits and disadvantages–new apartments will have on our community,” said Tesoro. 

“The accusation that 1,000 apartments have been approved between June 2018 and January 2019 is entirely false. Lying and fear mongering have no place in intelligent, civil discourse on this important subject. My opponent, and those running with him who repeat these falsehoods do a disservice to our Citizens who deserve better,” Tesoro said.

To date, 401 luxury market rate apartments and 128 age restricted 55+ apartments–all of which were approved as a result of a zoning change permitted by the prior administration–are or will be constructed over the next few years. 

On June 21, 2017, six months prior to First Selectman Tesoro taking office, the previous administration endorsed the passage of a radical zoning change that would permit the construction of up to 600 units of luxury market rate apartments in our industrial zones.

  • On June 21, 2017, the same date as the zoning change was approved, 202 luxury rental apartments at 100 Oakview Drive were approved. The previous administration supported the use of tax breaks to facilitate this construction.

  • Permitted under the same June 21, 2017 regulation, a 128 unit Senior Living Complex for residents 55 and over at 101 Oakview Drive was approved. This is being constructed.

  • Again, under the same June 21, 2017 regulation, 199 units of luxury rental apartments were approved on the site of the former, long vacant, Henderson lumber-yard. This is not yet under construction.

“I understand the concern our residents have expressed surrounding the increase in market-rate apartments in Trumbull. Since taking office, I have worked diligently to lessen the impact of multi-family developments on the character of the town,” said Tesoro.

Specifically, First Selectman Tesoro has:

  • Worked with developers to greatly reduce the number of units proposed in each development;

  • Limited the apartment developments to one- and two-bedroom units with no dens permitted; 

  • Ensured safety improvements and the creation of significant buffers around the developments; and

  • Supported age restricted 55 and over senior development to assist seniors into the future.

“Since I took office, two zoning changes were passed on a bi-partisan basis. No apartment site plans have been approved for either location,” said Tesoro.

  • The first is a zone change that will allow for 260 units of luxury rental apartments to be built at the Trumbull Mall.

  • The second is a zone change that will allow a 300 unit senior living facility at 48 Monroe Turnpike, the former United Healthcare office. That development will generate approximately 2 million dollars in additional tax revenue and has broad-based community support. Unfortunately, it’s being held up in court.

  • To date no apartments have been approved for construction on either of these sites.

“I advocated for a two-year moratorium on new multi-family rental apartments and ultimately, planning and zoning passed–on a bipartisan basis–a 12-month moratorium. This is critical as it will allow the town to study and assess the impact of new developments on the public schools, first responders, and other municipal services,” said Tesoro, who cited a major, high-density rental development proposal that was halted as a result of the moratorium. 

“Good government starts with transparency and honesty. That’s how I will continue to govern if re-elected,” said Tesoro. “I will make use of land use boards and wetlands commissions. I will ensure that Trumbull remains a beautiful place to live and work, and will continue to engage in responsible town development.”


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