First Selectman Vicki Tesoro Committed to a Strong Education System in Trumbull


First Selectman Vicki Tesoro Committed to a Strong Education System in Trumbull 

Tesoro to focus on students and their success, ensuring property values remain strong

TRUMBULL, CT – A long-time advocate for Trumbull’s education system, First Selectman Vicki Tesoro and her administration will continue to prioritize education so that all of our students have the opportunity to succeed and Trumbull remains a desired place to live.   

During her first 20 months in office, First Selectman Tesoro invested in Trumbull’s high-quality school system by appropriately funding the Board of Education. Over a two-year period, Tesoro increased funding to the Board of Education by 5.6% (or $5.6 million).

“Education is a cornerstone of a thriving town. In order for Trumbull to stay competitive and affordable, we must invest–in a fiscally prudent manner–in our public schools. It is the right thing to do for our children and this investment protects our property values,” said Tesoro.

First Selectman Tesoro is a relentless advocate for Trumbull, fighting to ensure that the town receives its share of education funding from the state of Connecticut. “I worked diligently with our State legislators and State elected officials to mitigate the impact of reductions in state education funding,” said Tesoro. “I will do this year after year to ensure Trumbull receives our proper share of funding from the state.”

Prioritizing security and infrastructure updates are also a priority for Tesoro. In collaboration with the Board of Education, First Selectman Tesoro developed a plan to put forward a capital bond to update security infrastructure in the Trumbull Public Schools. Additionally, Tesoro requested that the Board of Education develop a 10-year capital plan for updating and renovating our elementary and middle schools. 

“All students deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential. A strong public school system is critical not just for our students, but also for the success of our town. Measured investments in Trumbull’s public schools ensure our property values rise, our community thrives, and our students flourish,” said First Selectman Tesoro.


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