Question: “Did First Selectman Tesoro propose and accept a $7,000 raise?”

  1. First Selectman Tesoro NEVER proposed any increase to her salary. That statement is a LIE.

  2. Any increase to her salary was the result of an ordinance passed by the Herbst administration BEFORE she took office.

  3. Tesoro promised to repeal the Ordinance and she did in August 2018.

  4. Tesoro took any increase under the Herbst Ordinance and donated that amount and more to Town Events such as Trumbull Day and the First Selectman’s Golf Classic.

  5. In HER budget, Tesoro ELIMINATED ANY SALARY INCREASE to the First Selectman for the next two years.

  6. Tesoro has REDUCED amount reimbursed to the First Selectman expense account from the $19,403 spent by HERBST in 2015 to 2017 to $2079 spent by Tesoro from 2017 to 2019.

Detailed Answer: The previous administration passed a salary ordinance in 2015 that mandated raises for some offices, including first selectman, from 2016 to 2021. From 2016-2017, the former First Selectman, Timothy Herbst, increased his salary by $7,000. The salary increase First Selectman Tesoro received was in accordance with this ordinance. Tesoro promised to repeal the law, and in August 2018, the Town Council did so. Salary increases for all elected officials are part of the annual budget process. Over the last two years–and like the many years prior–First Selectman Tesoro donated in excess of $10,000 to Trumbull events like the First Selectman’s Golf Classic and Trumbull Day. To further mitigate the impact of this salary increase, there will be no increase to the First Selectman salary for the next two years. Salary is only one piece of the equation. From 2015-2017, the prior First Selectman, Timothy Herbst, spent $19,403 in travel and miscellaneous business expenses. First Selectman Tesoro’s expenses for a two year period totaled $2,079. She incurred zero travel expenses. First Selectman Vicki Tesoro will remain transparent and fiscally responsible with taxpayer money.

Question: “Did First Selectman Tesoro increase costs by reorganizing her administrative staff as alleged by Herbst?


  1. That statement is a LIE. TESORO REDUCED the cost of her administrative staff.

  2. She has the same number of administrative employees as Herbst, no paid positions were added by Tesoro.

  3. Her staff is paid the same amount as before.

  4. TESORO ELIMINATED a take home car given by Herbst to his Chief of Staff a position TESORO ELIMINATED. 

Detailed Answer: First Selectman Tesoro’s office is set up with two Chief Administrative Officers, Cindy Katske and Kathleen McGannon, and one Administrative Assistant, Alicia Altobelli. She also has a non-paid volunteer, Kathy Champion, providing communications support. None of First Selectman Tesoro’s employees have a take home vehicle. As a point of comparison, the prior First Selectman had two Administrative Assistants and one Chief of Staff who also had a take home vehicle. First Selectman Tesoro found the set up to be inefficient and reorganized her office. Her two Chief Administrative Officers split the salary of the former administrative assistant and chief of staff. 

Herbst is more concerned with titles and lying to get elected. First Selectman Tesoro is more concerned with efficiencies, work flow and cost savings for our residents.