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Preamble: Trumbull must remain competitive and affordable to residents and businesses alike, while maintaining the high quality of life we enjoy.  Team Tesoro is committed to balancing Trumbull’s quality of life with strategic economic development. Economic development that is consistent with the Plan of Conservation and Development will ensure the grand list grows, taxes remain stable, and Trumbull thrives.

First Selectman Vicki Tesoro and her economic development team have been tireless advocates for creating economic value for our residents while maintaining the town’s unique character. This objective has been a focal point for the First Selectman, whose administration has generated innovative new ideas to drive growth and support Tesoro’s commitment to keep taxes stable.

First Selectman Tesoro’s economic development successes include:

  • The former site of Marissa’s is in the process of becoming the Long Hill Commons, a cutting-edge retail and restaurant center that will vastly enhance the Long Hill Green commercial and residential hub. Recently, the Tesoro Administration led the construction of a right-turn lane at Whitney Avenue and Main Street and plans are underway for a traffic light.

  • A long-vacant site, the 250,000 square foot former United Healthcare building at 48 Monroe Turnpike, received approval earlier this year for a major redevelopment into a mixed-use senior housing complex. The plans include innovative green development initiatives, including a path to the Pequonnock Trail. Nearby, a traffic light will be installed at the trail crossing and the Chip’s shopping plaza.

  • Another long time vacant site, the 110,000 SF former call center at 55 Merritt Boulevard was purchased and is now the Trumbull Tradesman Center.

  • Henkel Corporation invested $20 million dollars to expand its presence on Trefoil Drive. The company’s executives praised the quality of the region’s workforce and expressed interest in expanding their Trumbull presence further in the future. Cooper Surgical has leased additional space at 55 Corporate Drive and the Connecticut Make a Wish Foundation is relocating its Connecticut headquarters to 60 Commerce Drive in the Trumbull Corporate Park.

  • Dr. Joseph Firgeleski III is the owner and developer of a new 10,000 SF commercial building at 123 Monroe Turnpike.

  • The town has worked closely with our largest taxpayer—the Westfield Mall—as it transforms into a 360-degree experiential retail destination and with the Hawley Lane Mall as both look to become Retail-tainment centers.

  • New restaurants are springing up all over town. Bianco Rosso and Fatty Patty opened last year in Trumbull Center. And this year, the town held its first-ever Trumbull Restaurant Week.

  • Planning efforts are underway to foster reinvigoration of the Trumbull Corporate Park and the former industrial zone area off Reservoir Avenue and Lindeman Drive.

  • Since 2018, the Tesoro Administration secured $1.9 million in grant funding to support economic and community development, and has applied for $1.7 million more.

All of these accomplishments—and more—fit into the Tesoro Administration strategy to keep Trumbull a vibrant community. The Economic Development office is assisting local businesses and entrepreneurs, and busy attracting out-of-town businesses to Trumbull.

But that’s only part of the strategy. The Tesoro administration’s economic development agenda also seeks to promote a wide array of community programs, assets, and initiatives that make our town a desirable place to live, work, play and locate a business. This includes initiatives like Restaurant Week, as well as the installation of sidewalks and creating a master plan for pedestrians and bicyclists.

First Selectman Tesoro has been systematically working on plans to revitalize underutilized commercial and industrial zones, preserve open space, and diversify our housing stock so that residents of all ages can enjoy Trumbull. Team Tesoro will continue to strategically grow Trumbull’s grand list so as to ensure that taxes remain stable for residents.

Vote Row A on November 5th for Team Tesoro—a vote for civility, transparency, and common sense.