meet vicki

A Trumbull resident for nearly thirty years, Vicki’s commitment and service to Trumbull is long-standing. Vicki Tesoro is running for re-election as First Selectman of Trumbull, CT.

A Trumbull resident for nearly thirty years, Vicki’s commitment and service to Trumbull is long-standing. Prior to her election as First Selectman in 2017, Vicki served as an elected official on Trumbull’s Board of Finance from 2016-2017 and Town Council from 2011-2015. A champion of public education, Vicki spent nearly two decades involved in our public schools, serving on the PTSA and as a founding coalition member of the Trumbull Partnership Against Underage Drinking and Drugs. Vicki has decades of experience as a fiduciary and individual tax consultant associated with prominent legal firms in the area. She has settled multi-million-dollar estates, working with banks, financial institutions and attorneys as well as federal and state tax agencies.

During Vicki’s tenure as First Selectman, she kept Trumbull’s tax rate at a stable level despite municipal aid cuts from the state, while maintaining a commitment to education, public safety, senior citizens, and critical town-wide services. Over the last 18 months, Vicki encouraged safe, smart, and focused economic growth and development, prioritizing redevelopment of underperforming existing properties.

She held true to her promise to restore a sense of community and governed in a manner that fosters an environment of civility and bipartisanship, working across the aisle and appointing town residents to Boards and Commissions with an eye towards knowledge and enthusiasm, rather than political affiliation.

Fiercely committed to doing what is right for Trumbull, she has been a vocal advocate in Hartford, fighting for, among other things, adequate education funding for Trumbull and fairness in the distribution of State aid. She meets regularly with Connecticut’s elected officials, Trumbull’s State delegation and her fellow First Selectmen from surrounding communities.

Under Vicki’s leadership, Trumbull is thriving and remains a sought-after town for families and seniors alike to live, work, and play.

In her campaign for re-election, Vicki’s commitment to Trumbull residents remains steadfast in her belief that by working together in a civil, sensible way, we can achieve great things. Vicki is committed to all Trumbull residents and will continue to deliver results in a way that reflects the best of our Community.

Her vision for Trumbull is simple: A safe community, with excellent schools, a diverse housing stock to meet every need, ample recreation opportunities, efficient services, and a sound financial profile.  

Vicki respects Trumbull’s past, has pride in Trumbull’s present and is confident in Trumbull’s future. Vicki is committed to Trumbull and all of its residents.

We hope you will learn more about Vicki’s platform by exploring this website, and by following her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Vicki’s Accomplishments from 2017-2019 include:


Fiscal Responsibility

  • Kept town property taxes stable while continuing to invest in education, safety, and town services;

  • Repealed the town's salary ordinance;

  • Initiated a study to determine the need for Town employees to have take-home vehicles and review our entire vehicle inventory. (In progress);

  • Changed the Town's budget due dates in accordance with State statute to allow for more accuracy and to better align the Town with the State budget process;

  • Investigated existing Town facilities and department space needs to consider reorganization of Town offices for cost savings and resident convenience. (Funding denied)


  • Funded Board of Education at 5.1% (or $5 million) over 2-year period;

  • Requested the Board of Education develop a 10-year capital plan for updating and renovating our elementary and middle schools.  (Funding denied);

  • Developed plan in collaboration with Board of Education to put forth a bond in the capital plan to update security infrastructure in the Trumbull Public Schools

Economic Development

  • Encouraged safe, smart, and focused economic growth of new development and redevelopment of several of our vacant and underperforming properties in town;

  • Initiated two planning studies in the Town's industrial zones to better prepare the community for future transformation and business growth.


  • Completed work to prevent grants from expiring, allowing engineering and road paving projects to begin on Moose Hill Road, Strobel Road, and Chestnut Hill Road;

  • Created a building committee to make recommendations about the Town's aquatic facilities, including a cost-benefit analysis of building a new recreational/competitive facility (Study in Progress);

  • Created a building committee for Community Facilities to make recommendations for the construction/renovation of the library and senior center. (Study in Progress)

Public Safety

  • Worked with MetroCOG and our Town's engineering department to obtain financial assistance for trail crossing improvements and installation of a traffic light on RT. 111 near the Fitness Edge/Chip's commercial development as well as improvements to Spring Hill Road and Old Mine Road;

  • Developed a plan with Trumbull EMS to help homeowners install house numbers so they are visible to first responders. (In Progress)

Senior Services

  • Worked with the State to make sure that grant money totaling $175,000 for the kitchen at the Senior Center did not expire. Grant was secured and new kitchen was built.

Civility & Bipartisanship

  • Restored balance to the Town's Boards and Commissions. (In Progress)


  • Returned Trumbull Day to the last weekend in June;

  • Reinstated the Eggstravaganza in which 300 children participated.

Health & Wellness

  • Formed the First Selectman's Task Force on Health and Wellness.